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Planning NSW ski holidays with children

Posted by: 2013-08-27

NSW Ski Holidays are must if you live in Australia. If you need a reason, here it is – Perisher is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. The annual snowfall in this region is 2 meters and this area is actually a collection of four resorts. The best time to book your Perisher Ski Packages is from June to October.

If you are planning this trip with children, here are some essential tips for you. If you are a planning a ski trip with preteen and teenagers, then you don't need to worry about leaving them behind. But if your children are really small, then you may need some form of childcare. If the lodge you decide to stay does not have any child care facilities, you will be spending most of your time with the children and not on the snow. Look for lodges or hotels that have childcare facilities in the form of babysitters, playgroups and nurseries. When you book the hotel, ask them for these facilities. If they are not available, you can ask them to make an exception or arrange it for you.


If your children are slightly older and ready to ski, it is essential to give them ski lessons. Without ski lessons they won't enjoy the trip at all. If they just have the basic skills, it is still a good idea to enroll them in for some professional training. Most of these ski lessons are in groups and you can book a children's training course for your kids. It will also be a great way for them to interact with other children their age. This way you can be assured that they won't feel lonely during the ski trip. If your kids are apprehensive, then you can take a class as a family as well.