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Top Packing & Safety Tips for Backpacking

Posted by: 2013-09-12

Backpacking can be a fun and exciting way to many countries in Europe to be seen . Whether you stay in a hotel or a hostel , you will want to get the most out of your experience . Here is a list of useful items to pack and some safety tips to help you have a pleasant journey.

To pack items
Backpack - Probably the most important point , which you can buy for your trip ! To access your products easily , purchase a pack that zips all the way around . This will prevent find from digging through the entire piece to something . Look for packs, padded straps or back, they will have more comfortable to wear . Not all packs the same feeling. , So be sure to try each before you buy to make sure it fits your body comfortably

Mini - Backpack - sometimes referred to as "Day Pack" , these are great, with exactly what you need for the day , while heavy loading , main backpack in a locker , hostel or hotel.

Alarm Clock / Clock - Keep time while you sleep , or put yourself on your next downhill important to remember .

Sleep scores - Take a sheet sleeping with you ( thin cloth sleeping bag) . This is handy if sheets are not available at the hostels.

Towel - Pack a towel, the small but also is ultra - absorbent and dries quickly .

Address / Phone Booklet - Many times your contacts are already stored in your phone or other device. Take a printed list just in case the device the battery is empty or does not work.

Money belt - Do back up all your valuables and your passport with a hidden money belt that is worn under the clothes and the look.

Plastic Bag - to carry a useful element for storing wet or dirty clothes and a handy device clothing to the laundry .

Detergent / Bungee Cord / drain stopper - Small pre - measured , Travel packages are quiet a good way to handle it full laundry loads, they also work well to clean socks and underwear, if there is no laundry service. A drain stopper works well if you need to wash your clothes in the sink , and the bungee cord can be easily attached to act as a clothesline .

Sandals / Flip Flops - Make sure to pack flip- flops with you if you plan on using a public shower or rinsing off after visiting the beach . Wear sandals to protect against infections .

First Aid Kit - Easy care to treat cuts such as paving , antiseptic and disinfectant wipes.

Ziploc plastic bags - Useful for storing / food for a later date , the implementation of change, detergent , liquid storage bottles and much more.

Combination Lock - Useful to secure your luggage on an overhead rack if you arrive by train , which helps to ensure that you sleep without your bag stolen .

Waterproof Pullover - keeping you dry if you are caught in wet weather.
Safety Tips
Keep your luggage in sight at all times. If you need to rest or sleep , you secure your luggage to a nearby luggage rail post with a padlock or combination lock.

Separate your valuables and carry them to the body at several locations. This makes it harder for thieves to find them you should be in a large crowd and a target for pick pocketing .

Make copies of all of your valuable documents and store them separately from the originals. Leave a copy at home with a friend or relative you trust in an emergency. If you have a safe a hotel or hostel, you can also get a copy there for storage.

Avoid large crowds, if possible, and even though you are a tourist , try to blend in.