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And even if you take the precautions to these security

Posted by: 2013-09-15

And even if you take the precautions to these security while on vacation in Paris or any other city in Europe, the unexpected can always happen, where the ability to easily access and use of the emergency number can still offer help of any kind
But even if you are not in immediate danger, some quick thinking to a conversation can save someone's life when it is most needed, and for this reason why the number is being implemented not only in France, but the European Union and more countries around the world.
112 - The number to remember.
The number now is the emergency number in Europe, accessible from any mobile phone, cell phone or landline.
The emergency number 112, will guide you through every service you need, such as fire, police, ambulance to get, etc., but there are protocols in place to be able to deal with many different languages, so you do not have to worry if you are in a foreign country across all language barriers or concerns.
Additionally, you can access the emergency services if you are not deposits or the phone is locked, which means if necessary, you can still help.
Although the number 112 is recognized in the European Union, not many people realize that it is currently in use, was still active and has been working since the early 1990s, and with many updates and additions to help since, as in 2002 and in 2009 . And if bought some cell phones now have the number saved automatically instead of just the land bought-emergency number for a few examples, the 911 or 999 for the United States would be for the UK.
And the majority of countries in the European Union, you can also select the number from your landline or cell telephone but in addition from 2012 every hand phones will automatically receive a text when entering another country in order to operate on the emergency number.
Over the years, many campaigns have been carried out and maintained in order to raise the word out about the number and awareness, even if many do not remember or even knew it existed. But as always, it is good to do your best to remember the number because it is an easy access to any help in any EU country, while you are on vacation or just passing through.
Also in 2009, some of the improvements include the ability to track where the calls are coming from, so they are easy to find where you are in an emergency and help or support to you as soon as possible, along with additional improvements for people with disabilities, such as for those with hearing loss.