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Posted by: 2013-08-12

Mughal emperor's descendant visit Pakistan Sikh shrines forgivenessRadar Search photos from space shuttle reveal Egypt's lost great lake ancient Egyptian temple sits submerged in sewage archaeologists discover 1,800-year-old Roman bathhouse in Jerusalem First complete remains of dinosaur ancestor found in China 1000 - yr old Tamil stone slab inscription in TrincomaleeRemains of 1300 years old ancient temples found near Bhopal found 1,000-year-old Andean tattoos reveal ancient acupuncture techniques Roman settlement at Cambridge College Tsar Nicholas II billions of pounds worth lost gold found in world's deepest lake in Siberia unearthed? Greek archaeologists discover Odysseus 'palace' Chinese archaeologists unearthed thousands of ancient Buddhist temples first three Found World War sunk UK warships discovered off Estonia coast Archaeologists discover Philistine temple ruins in Goliath hometown remains of the first theater of William Shakespeare in London yard New archaeological find indicates Indo-Roman trade in ancient India Body of Indian soldier in the war of 1962 killed with China expressed its hometown temple from the Hellenistic and Roman eras in Syria lost Sanskrit manuscript discovered in Italian libraryArtifacts rediscovered by his native British MPs comes Harappan era in Jharkhand Stalin statue unearthed from support memorial for Tipu's descendant Noor Inayat in UK 'museum under the sea "in Gallipoli New London Olympic site was discovered once a POW camp for GermansUnexploded WW II bomb near Brit 'Houses of Parliament' Napoleon's hair found on auction in Berlin by Kiwi Family Hitler's Bunker: Unseen images showed Buddha relics in JK archaeologists excavated discover Old Testament-era tablet Thousand-year-old idol discovered in Tamil Nadu