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How To Save On Food Bills During A Trip To India?

Posted by: 2013-08-27

The post is a quick and quirky guide to help you with some edible tips to save on your food expenses during your trip to India.

If you are rich enough to enjoy luxury India holidays, then you can surely afford lavish meals at top restaurants. But if you are an economic traveler, then you can do with some tips.

Do you wish to slow down on your expenses? Are you looking for ways to curb your food expenses? If yes, then there is the old maxim to cheer you up- ‘where there is a will there is a way'!

India, thankfully, is a country full of rich, super rich, poor and super poor people. So, provisions have been made for everyone. If you consider yourself as a super poor backpacker, then do not worry! India is one country where survival is still possible even if you are carrying just a 10-rupee note in your wallet!

Luxury India holiday backpackers can enjoy breakfasts at swanky hotels. Others must book hotels that offer complementary breakfasts. Such an arrangement will help you take care of your morning dietary needs. Alternatively, you can slip into a hotel that has its own kitchen and restaurant. Usually, such hotels offer palatable and even delicious breakfasts. Otherwise, in the name of serving breakfasts, some dingy hotels may serve you nothing more than a cup of drab coffee and some rancid-looking bread or repulsive-looking eggs.

As for the big meals (lunch and dinner), you can eat out at the hotel restaurants which can be an expensive affair. You can also eat out at other posh restaurants in the city which can again be an expensive affair. The best thing would be to hunt for a local eatery or ‘dhaba' or small restaurant where the prices are within your comfort zone. But you again need to make sure that the restaurant or eatery in question is hygienic enough to suit your tastes. A travel guide to India can assist you in selecting from some popular eateries.
The cheapest way to survive in India is to eat on the road. The country is inundated with food stalls and makeshift eateries jostled side by side on almost every corner of the streets. There, hygiene may not be top-class but the taste is really spectacular. Besides, most Indians sink into such meals (including the richest tycoons in the country) and we haven't heard of people falling grievously sick. They are not only satisfying to the belly, but are also appeasing to the pockets. Many snacks and dishes can be bought at just Rs 10 or 20 (or even lower). So, once in a while, you can skip restaurants and eateries and enjoy a bit of roadside eating.

If you wish to save more money, you can also buy raw materials, fruits and vegetables from the markets and cook up your own meal. However, most hotels do not permit such an arrangement. Alternatively, you can collect packaged food and survive on them, if you find the Indian cuisines too spicy for your intestines.

But if you have money, then go for Luxury holidays in India which can be exciting and stimulating to the senses and the appetite.