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The Hotel National des Invalides Les Invalide

Posted by: 2013-09-18

The Hotel National des Invalides Les Invalides is perhaps simply known, and is just one of the great monuments in Paris that you can find around. Originally thought of in 1670 by King Louis XIV for a place to war veterans who are no longer able to keep fighting for the country.
This place is a fantastic place if you are in history., And especially military history to go particularly interested, with a very rich history of Les Invalides, but also with the grave of Napoleon I as well
To expand on the grave of Napoleon, as most people know is Napoleon, and was an important part of history and is still taught in all French military history in all schools of his influence. And some twenty years after the man's death, his remains were brought upstream along the Seine to Paris.
Once his remains were there, he had a state funeral, which ventured through Paris and paused at the Arc de Triomphe, which was built on the orders themselves, from there we went to the Champs Elysées and finally to the Hotel des Invalides, where He now rests in the military building and the Eglise du Dome church.
But incredible architecture, church, and grave of Napoleon's not all it has to offer these sights in Paris.
In fact, can boast that it is the largest single collection and complex known compared to any other monument in the capital, the most for the military exhibitions, but also an amazing three different museums that you can visit, as well as the has unique collections held at the Hotel National des Invalides.
At the beginning you have initially the Musée des Plans-reliefs which a museum dedicated to three-dimensional models of castles, cities and regions of France produced by the military.
Incredibly, there are only 100 of these models in existence now and some of them stopped at the Beau-Arts Museum in the region of Nord-Pas de Calais, but most of them are at Les Invalides since the year 1700, when they made the Louvre kept moving museum.
The large models on display have to see a great insight for architectural history, as it was in the past, how things have changed since then, some of the model plans 1668 return what. For a very interesting collection