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Find a driver to take you to the Barossa

Posted by: 2013-09-22

Find a driver to take you to the Barossa and try your choice of robust red wines, refreshing white wines and sparkling wines, honey mead in all flavors and the harbor. You might even find a micro-brewery.
And let's not forget that Adelaide is the festival city! There is always something going on, no matter the time of year. Come on. Adelaide to where you can see the stars, the people are friendly, and you will never lack something to do ,
After Cairnson in a comfortable and direct flight from Sydney came to celebrate our anniversary, my wife and I have in the Hilton Cairns. Our accommodation in a King Spa room their was a slightly surreal experience. The bathroom with Jacuzzi is entirely glass walls with floor to ceiling windows allowing a panoramic view across the room and balcony overlooking the Trinity Inlet, luxury liners docking and distant mountains.
After a sumptuous dinner, we stopped off to check in the foyer, which offers the Hilton , s 24-hour tour desk. My husband pushed a pamphlet under his nose. I looked down and saw paddle, water and lather people wear helmets. I reluctantly into the Raging Thunder tour bus at 5:00 the next morning to begin a two-hour drive from Cairns to the top of the Tully River, where our white water rafting expedition it was.
When I finished the backup of my lifejacket, paddle and took my part in our four team members (two Koreans, two Dutch) to the rubber raft to shore carry water, I seriously questioned my sanity.
A brief explanation in broken English by an Italian guide with heavy instructions to "Paddle like crazy" either "get down" or when told we were off and rushes back to the first rapid foaming. By the time we have our fourth fast (they get progressively worse along the route) approached, we were all screaming our lungs in a combination of fear and sheer joy.
I quickly learned the Korean for Oh no, look, help, hold on! "And more often than not" got down "before she says.