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If you travel with us, you're not just a tourist, we consider you a friend. We at Real Tours Jamaica look forward to all who travel to Jamaica as a Day Cruise Ship passengers for trips and parties and family gatherings. We conduct private and family and group tours that are visiting many of our popular tourist attractions such as Dunn's River Falls, Rose Hall Great House, the beautiful white sand beaches of Negril, local and duty free shopping, and everything your heart desires. As we say in Jamaica "No Problem". If you are on holiday relaxation our number one goal for you as the hotel and transfer to the airport to the hotel / villa invitations we have handled it. We can not wait for you to experience our exciting nightlife, enjoy our historical authentic cuisine and indulge in the true gems of Jamaica! "Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth Hotel and cruise ship passengers Private Taxi"
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La Conciergerie was the first royal palace was built in Paris, and is found on the Ile de la Cite island, which was originally called the Palais de la Cité, which eventually became a prison.
The name of the Conciergerie was the official who was appointed by the King to monitor various prison records and police work. But that's not all, the story of La Conciergerie is fascinating, if a palace to the French Revolution and the prison it was.
Today, it is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, as it was the place where Marie Antoinette was held on the Place de la Concorde before its decapitation, also you can use the Sainte Chapelle, built into the palace again in the visit 1240s.

Over the years, the palace has been won in damage and destroyed, leaving only the lower parts remain in place, but there are still many buildings and parts of the building that you can visit when you go there while on holiday in Paris can plan.
The lower floors of the building were for the many employees and Royal Guard, which was approximately 2,000 people and had medical halls reserved for them, in fact, the bottom of the medical buildings are still as they were back then in the 14th Century.
The Hall of Men at Arms was built in 1302 known under King Philippe IV, also known as Philippe the Fair. And the hall had four ribbed vaults, lit by two twin windows. Today the hall is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic secular building in Europe, with the cafeteria is heated by four large fireplace and you can still see some traces of the window on the left wall.
Above that was found in the large ballroom, which were held impressive receptions and conducted by the Capetian monarchy and was served by some spiral staircase. Again, this floor has unfortunately lost, but on the left side you can be part of a black marble table that was used, and to see an example of the spiral staircase.