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The Musee d’Art Moderne

Posted by: 2013-09-21

The Musee d'Art Moderne is open from 11:00 clock bis 09.00 clock and has the same date as the closures Pompidou Centre, while the BPI is open from noon until 22.00 clock on weekdays and from 11 clock bis 10.00 clock on the weekends.
The center is also available for people with disabilities with the entry for it is on Rue du Renard is required to be used instead of the main entrance to the piazza at the Place Georges Pompidou.
While there are also issues guides here throughout the year in accordance with the various temporary exhibitions that are on display in the time and various workshops.
In addition, there are also documentaries and films about the artists in the lounge of the Museum of Modern Art on the fourth floor.
Even if you want for an audio guide, you can get on the stand next to the bookstore either in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.
Access to the center for all exhibitions and museums is valid for a whole day and give you a panoramic view of the 6th Floor access. And for young people under the age of 18 permanent exhibits of the museum are free of them and free for everyone on the first Sunday of each month.
There is also a panoramic buy tickets if you more interested in the view that can be seen are, although for persons under 18 years is free of charge and under the age of 26 who are EU residents , it is also free, and only His 3 € for those who do not fall into these categories, provide a good opportunity to see see over the roofs of Paris and possible some of the sights in Paris.
So if you are on a holiday in Paris to visit the Pompidou Centre is a great place to go with just one of the many museums in Paris and other tourist attractions in Paris for you to visit, ideal visit for all ages.