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The sarcophagus made of red quartzite from Russia

Posted by: 2013-08-23

The sarcophagus made of red quartzite from Russia and is on a green granite base that came from Alsace in the Vosges placed, surrounded by laurels and inscriptions.
There are also several sculptures that Napoleon's military victories around the grave of Napoleon, made by Jean-Jacques Pradier and inscriptions on the multi-colored marble floor to show locations around eight famous victories condition.
There is a small chamber with a statue of Napoleon in his coronation robes and under this statue lays the remains of Napoleon II, who was his only legitimate son and was known as the Eaglet on the side of the crypt.
For this reason, a visit to Les Invalides to see a great experience and appreciate the incredible architecture and history behind the grave of Napoleon, but also the other things at the Invalides, and the three museums in Paris such as the impressive Musee de l'Armee involves much more while you are on vacation in Paris.