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4 Reasons Monsoon Season is the Best Time to Visit Boracay Island

Posted by: 2013-08-09

There's a big chance that you've probably heard of Crown Regency Boracay's promo, "Bed Weather Special", while searching for the best deals for a Boracay holiday. This resort's package offers big savings on room rates that you won't get if you book during the summer. But then, you wonder: is it really better to grab this promo, even if it means staying in Boracay during the rainy season?


The answer is definitely yes. Not only do you save on accommodation costs when you choose to spend your holiday during the monsoon season; you also get to enjoy these advantages:


1. Cheaper flights

Airfares to Kalibo and Caticlan, the main airports leading to Boracay, are never loose change even for the well-off traveler. Good thing, during the months after summer, most, if not all, airlines in the Philippines servicing the island offer various special promos with big discounts to attract smart budget travelers.


2. Less tourists, greater fun

Another benefit of spending the rainy season in Boracay is that the island will not be overcrowded with tourists. Thanks to school or work, most tourists will be busy with their respective careers and other responsibilities during these times. Therefore, you will get to enjoy the beach, the establishments, and other Boracay offerings without the long lines and noise. Also, if there are fewer guests, the staff of thehotels and restaurants can assist you with more urgency and attention, which is always a very good feeling for travelers.

3. Relaxed vacation atmosphere

Since there are less tourists, you will not have difficulty finding a spot on the beach, getting seated at restaurants, or waiting to be served in bars. As for shopping, D'Mall will be less crowded and most shops will offer discounts. Simply put, you can have a relaxing time during your stay.


4. Cooler weather

Like most tropical countries, the Philippines only has wet and dry seasons. During the months of August to November, you will sadly have a hard time getting that perfect sun-kissed tan but at least you can avoid sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, and that all-too-familiar sticky feeling. But always be on the lookout for weather updates during your stay, just in case overcast skies turn dark and heavy rains and big waves form. If ever that happens, the Boracay resort you're staying at will surely provide you with diversions and activities that will still make your stay enjoyable.


There really are a number of benefits in scheduling your Boracay trip during the monsoon season. Add the fact that Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center has a promo called "Bed Weather Special" offering room rate discounts for its Deluxe Suite. Aside from basking in comfortable accommodations, you can also enjoy relaxing by Crown Regency Boracay's wave pool or at the shores of White Beach — while makingyour friends in the city jealous. Crown Regency Boracay's promo runs until December 15, 2013.