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Qantas flight breakdown — Cheap Air Tickets

Posted by: 2013-08-09

Sydney: Qantas has become a controversy has been removed once again bound by passengers from one of his planes, Sydney, this morning forced, because they allegedly suffered a problem with the brakes. The flight was due to leave Melbourne at 6.30 clock (AEDT). According to the Courier Mail, 208 passengers waited for 50 minutes on the tarmac at Melbourne Airport as engineers assessed the aircraft. The latest problem is stuck just two days after a stray rock climbing rope in the baggage handling system, when some passengers were asked to look through car, come to find their lost bags. The newspaper quoted a Qantas spokeswoman as saying that the passengers were put on other flights, and that "the aircraft into service this afternoon to be." "This is a really small problem. I do not have the statistics on how often this kind of thing happens," she added. The spokeswoman also said that travelers should not be added on the fly with Qantas worries, added: Qantas has employed couriers to return up to 400 pieces of luggage to passengers after Sunday's baggage malfunction at Melbourne Airport, "We will always put safety before schedule." the paper said. Yesterday, another Boeing 737 domestic flight was canceled from Adelaide to Sydney due to a technical problem related to an engine valve.