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The Tour Montparnasse is more of a modern tourist attraction in Paris

Posted by: 2013-08-23

The Tour Montparnasse is more of a modern tourist attraction in Paris, which has attracted both love and hate, a skyscraper in Paris, people there for the fabulous views it offers across the city and others to dislike the idea of ​​a skyscraper over the height of Paris.
In fact, the tower is also known as Tour Maine-Montparnasse, but more often than the Montparnasse Tower or the Montparnasse tower, is the only skyscraper in Paris at a height of about 200 meters.
The Montparnasse Tower was above the subway and several underground lines that it had to be reinforced built much more. With 56 concrete reinforced concrete columns that go down into the earth to help about 60 meters just for this reason.
Another impressive feat is that the Montparnasse Tower weighs 150,000 tons, and has a total of 59 floors, including 6 underground levels, with a facade of 40,000 meters can also measure an even more impressive amount of windows, glass windows in 7200.
There are also 5 lifts and a further 25 lifts in the buildings to take you between floors. And one of the lifts is one of the fastest elevators in the world, the 56th to you Floor in just 38 seconds and manages to reach speeds of 60 km per hour, while it is climbing.
The 56th Floor as the panoramic floor is accessible for tourists from all over the known world, so you. Fantastic views over the city of Paris from the many monuments in Paris
The floor is protected from the elements like wind and rain, giving you a comfortable place to the city front and have a 360-degree view, while warm with heating in winter and cool with air conditioning in the summer months.