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I did, but they need to be asked twice before I came

Posted by: 2013-09-22

I did, but they need to be asked twice before I came and "paddle like crazy," sitting on the edge of the bouncing, spinning intended raft. Our trip through the rapids ended after successfully negotiating the "Elvis Rock and Roll Fast" - an adrenaline rush to put it mildly. Incredible fun and also a little scary at times when stuck on the rocks, I can recommend this experience for all fitness types, over 14 years.
That evening, back at the tour desk, a pamphlet was again diplomatic thrust under my nose. I did not see, just said, "Well, what do you want", and about how nice it would be if his choice was a carriage ride through the city.
The next morning at 6:00, I was waiting for the bus Blazing Saddles Expedition. An hour later we arrived in Kuranda on ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) site in the rainforest - not quite a seated carriage ride.
Mandatory helmets and goggles face were handed out, we were taken to our TRX250 ATVs, climbed on, started up and followed the guide in training to assess soil and in groups. This time we were together with four Koreans (their holiday city of choice).
We walked and rode steep canyons, scorching hot pools that burn your skin as you plow through it and filled crater twisty dirt roads. But none of us held by the sheer enthusiasm of this quad tour. I learned quickly the Korean for "No, no way, you can not be serious." This four-hour ATV tour is highly recommended for everyone except children and the faint of heart.
Cairns knows how to both treat and provide tourists with a combination of hands on tours (tandem skydiving, paintball phenomenon bandicoot Cycling, crocodile cruises ...) to try out for the "once in a lifetime feeling."