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f you, even if you’ve been the first country in Ho Chi Minh City to Asia

Posted by: 2013-09-12

If you, even if you've been the first country in Ho Chi Minh City to Asia, it will be an experience like no other. You're probably heading District 1 It is an area that tourists frequently, mostly backpackers accommodation where you would try if you wanted to meet other tourists. However, a wise idea accommodations could in quieter districts, also likely to be cheaper to search, because a taxi ride is extremely cheap once you get away from the airport.
You will probably get caught at the airport for a taxi ride - most times I do not even bother to find a metered taxi if you want a down haul out your suitcase on the highway and hail. Most sheisters is 'stiff' you more than the cost should be around U.S. $ 5 actually - no big deal. Just do not get paid more than 15 U.S. district to one, or you are severely ripped off.
Whatever you do, do not be pushed or rushed in any direction. The Vietnamese are very sharp businessmen and outstanding sales people and are not afraid to approach you. Put your bags down, and steadfast while you negotiate. They will try the puppy technique where they go and talk as they walk towards her cabin - get a price determined first, and then go. Either that, or arrange a pickup from hotel (best option), if it does not have this service.
Once you make it to a district, it's open season in the way of hotels. Personally, I will always stay only at Lac Vien, which is a 'business' hotel in a small alley called Bui Ven, from a larger well-known street called Pham Ngu Lao. If you tell the taxi driver: "Boy Ven, Fam New Laow, District 1" slowly, they will know where to meet you. You can try to drop you off at your hotel cousins, it happens. Even if it is the first time in Vietnam, to act like it there a thousand times before. Learn Xin Chao (pronounced Sin Chow) and they bark authoritivaly. You may think you have some experience with the old tricks in this way!
Best of luck. I write more about Vietnam as time goes by. It is an amazing destination - one of my favorite places in the world.
P.S. - The most important tip I can give you. Only Vinasun taxis. Not VINAMET, Vinakret, Vinalet or other fun trick name, Vinasun. Burn that into your brain and you will have a safe, happy time and cost in Saigon!
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