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Mt. Abu- Nerve thrilling experience amidst the hills and the deserts

Posted by: 2013-09-25

Mount Abu is a distinct tourist spot which can be categorized by the term oasis. Nestled within the Aravali ranges, Mt Abu is the only hill station in the huge desert of Rajasthan. According to the feedbacks of the tourists who have already enjoyed the mesmerizing beauty of this place, once you visit this particular hill station you will fall in love with it. The most unique feature of this destination is that it is the only hill station which is surrounded by desert all over. If you step into this hill station, there are several places to visit here.

Nakhi Lake in Mount Abu

According to the Hindu legend, it is believed that Nakhi is a sacred lake. The name is derived from the fact that the lake was dug out from Nails i.e. Nakh. The lake has a length of about half a mile and approximately quarter of a mile wide and about 20 to 30 feet deep. The most interesting thing in this place is the toad rock, a rock which appears like a toad that is about to jump into the lake. The Maharaja Jaipur Palace and the Raghunath Temple are located near to this lake. Tourists can enjoy recreational activities like boating and horse riding around the lake.

With the increasing popularity of Mount Abu as a tourist destination, Rajasthan government is paying attention towards the improvement of Mt Abu tourism. Plenty of resorts and hotels are being established in Mt. Abu. Starting from 5 star resorts to the resorts of average standard, all kinds of accommodation facilities are available in this hill station for the tourists. The tourists choose them according to their budget and requirement.

Today's modern tourists are smart enough to make a wise decision by choosing the best hotel for their stay so that no other problem arrives during their days of tour and enjoyment. A good accommodation has a lot of significance in making your journey everlasting in your memories. It is always clever to use internet before visiting any place. With the help of internet, you will not only gather information about the particular destinationbut also you can know about the standard of any resort and hotel by referring to the reviews.
Ranakpur hill resort is one of the top ranked resorts in Mt. Abu. This resort is located near to the popular Ranakpur Jain Temple. The entire resort is surrounded by the Aravali hills range and offers a captivating view of the picturesque mountains and the rugged rock-strewn countryside. The resort flaunts a perfect ambiance of tranquility and visitors can enjoy a peaceful time far away from the perplexities of a busy life. The excellent restaurant of this resort will take you to the era of the Rajputs, The restaurant faces the lush green lawns where you can enjoy wide variety of tempting cuisines including the authentic rich Rajasthani food. For the tourists visiting the Ranakpur Jain Temple in day trips, buffet lunch arrangements are there. The rooms of this resort are spacious and air conditioned with comfortable, elegant and luxurious bathrooms associated with modern amenities.