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Bhutan is heavenly

Posted by: 2013-08-05

Those who Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon visited, saying it is a unique heavenly experience, and it's really a hot international tourist destination, but costlty. Tour packages are mandatory for foreigners except Indians and can cost around U.S. $ 200 per person per night. With a befitting spiritual landscape, is Bhutan's religion mostly Mahayana Buddhism. A visit to the country is a mystical experience, while its call of adventure is irresistible. Seventy-two percent of the land is forested. The culture of a country of 700,000 people turns dancing around tsechu, the Buddhist festival of masked after Guru Rinpoche celebrated that brought about the spread of Buddhism in Bhutan. Worth the festival at different times in different districts is held. The pre-Buddhist Bon Festival Ha district is popular.
It is a paradise for hikers. Nature tours and trekking expeditions are arranged by tour operators. There is rafting and kayaking, ideally in March to April and November to December is usually swollen rivers. Guides are available. Wang Chhu and Paro valley in western Bhutan are good for kayaks. Punakha valley in central Bhutan is for kayaks and rafts (Mo Chhu, Pho Chhu, Sonam put in) appropriate. The route of Waklaytar to Sunkoshtar on Puna Tsang Chhu at Wangdue Phodrang in central Bhutan is amazing, both for kayaking and rafting.
Punakha is good for mountain biking. Climbing is a sport in Bhutan last. Climbing clubs provide equipment and training. The ideal time for trekking is from mid-March to mid-May and mid-September to mid-November. Treks even from Thimphu to Paro is also adventurous. Trekking requires many many gears that must bring trekkers. Camping facilities are provided by the operator. The low key Druk Path and the Snowman challenging routes are very popular. There are a dozen good titles in Bhutan.
HOW TO reach the road: be reached via Phuntsholing Bhutan to India from Nepal border in Bengal or on the road. The road from Phuntsholing takes one to Paro and Thimphu capital. The only airport in the kingdom is in Paro, 65 km from Thimphu. In Bhutan, high mountains and deep valleys, travel is by car only. Roads, mostly single carriageway, are well laid out, although bumpy at times, and the hairpin bends and turns, ups and downs make travel quite time consuming, yrt interesting. Tour packages are mandatory and are to be booked with the operators, they are expensive for foreigners except Indians.