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Four Tips for Smarter and Safer Travel Abroad

Posted by: 2013-09-26

Down in recent years, with the plethora of rules and regulations on the travel industry, it is increasingly difficult to meet have a hassle-free holiday, especially while venturing beyond the country's borders. To ensure that your next trip is a journey of joy and not a travel nightmare, there are some things that you should consider before launching into consideration. According to On Call International Medical Director, Dr. Robert Wheeler are some simple tips for safer travel abroad here:
Prep your Passport
Preparation is the key. Before traveling, make sure you sign your passport and fill in the emergency information page with current information. In case of emergency, physicians will need this information to contact family or friends.
Packing for safety
Avoid the tell tale sign of tourism. Things like purses and cameras dangling scream "out-of-towner," that you can make a goal. Explore the appropriate clothing from the site where you will be traveling. Dressing too flashy or too casual can immediately tell you locals a tourist.
Global Medical Assistance Purchase
While your health insurance plan may cover most cases at home, it may not provide protection while overseas. Only eight percent of medical insurance plans cover an evacuation for medical reasons while you are in a foreign country. Most medical evacuation and travel assistance plans offer members access to a 24-hour emergency call center to doctors in the area where you are traveling to find a 24-hour nurse line to identify symptoms and cover should you need to return home for medical reasons or family member flown to you.
Observe local laws
When visiting a foreign country, you are subject to its laws and regulations. Visit the exploration of local laws and customs before a country, you are for what to expect and prepare for what is appropriate, not only legally but also socially.
In case of emergency, physicians will need this information to contact family or friends.