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We travel to the holy city of Pushkar with its holy

Posted by: 2013-09-05

We travel to the holy city of Pushkar with its holy lake created by Lord Brahma. Pilgrims come from afar to bathe in the ghats and worship round the clock. We learn about religions here: Zorastrism, Sihkism, the mystical Sufis, Jainists not kill a mosquito, Hinduism that claims no absolute truth and the caste system. We visit the temple on the lake, some are "blessed" by priests. Later, a highlight was an hour Camel Cart Safari behind the scenes of the show for me. Children line our route shouting to us "hello, hello, Please have a pen!" We see a camel slaughtered and half naked people washing. Back in the grounds, we visit an orphanage and scatter individually go lost in the feverish revelry. We ride huge spitting camels, giving us a higher perspective of the whole. I buy a dozen garnet necklaces and silver anklets. Teenage boys approach Terry shoot him. He is 6'5''. One politely as him, "Lord, what do you eat?"
Our group was wonderful!
There are endless food courts however we must avoid all temptations over, "Delhi Belly". I find the cacophony of chaos delightful. Pushkar is truly a party affair for the locals and we are just observant guests. I am so grateful to know how but time to continue with our busy itinerary.
We come to the famous 'Pink City' Jaipur, now deep maroon from pollution. In free its palaces, forts and architectural marvels, we learn of the great Amber rulers and Maharajas of the Mughal Empire. History comes alive, and I find myself so interested that I never cared. And here is a shopper's paradise for silk sarees, gems, jewelery and handicrafts made of marble.
I visited an animal shelter called "Help in Suffering." The worst cases of various types are treated here by volunteer veterinarians. Forty five stray dogs are sterilized every day I witness an operation. (See you can just mail them a check to help.
Suzy talking to a dog neutering a donation Volunteer vets 'Help in Suffering'
To see the great Fatehpur Sikri, "Ghost City of Akbar", which was abandoned due to scarcity of water. We finally reach Agra, a broken city of 2.5 million euros. Hawkers harass us. Chained bears dance for rupees in the street. Hungry children begging. We are grateful that at the deluxe Sheraton submit here with its western cuisine and affordable massages in the $ 20th It was like a galaxy change from the city center.
After witnessing an eyeful of wonders along the way, we saved the best for last on the world's greatest tribute to love. Goosebumps rise as I the majestic gateway to the Taj Mahal in force. Morning sunlight illuminates it like a flawless pearl ... 22 years to build by 200,000 men with 2 million pieces of inlaid semi-precious stones. After a lecture on why this perfect symmetry was created for Queen Mumtaz, we disperse photograph what looks to be a mirage. There is poetry in architecture and as magnificent as you can imagine.