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Nairobi, the «City of Flowers»

Posted by: 2013-09-26

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Holidaymakers would find plenty of breaks which hold their attention and keep occupied, as Nairobi have so much to endow sightseers, fun enthusiasts and leisure lovers. There are a number of scenic tourist attractions which invite globetrotters and excursionists from around the world to book flights and relish Kenya's best!

Gallery Watatu
For devotees of art who desired for having an insight into contemporary work of art, this is the place to go. What is more, it's counted among the finest art galleries in the whole of East Africa and draws a multitude of passionate aficionados who are keen to acquaint themselves with modern art of the continent of Africa. Jak Katarikawe is amongst the prime artistes whose works are on display here. Apart from this, visitors would also be able to get a glimpse of extraordinary artworks belonging to world-renowned artistes including Johny Waite, Kamal Shah, Timothy Brooke, Mary Naita, Elijah Ooko, Kivuthi Mbuno etc. Additionally, it organizes some workshops and events all year-round.

All Saints Cathedral
The magnificent landmark portrays Nairobi's religious wealth and at the same time, is ranked among the city's oldest and biggest churches. Its creation began during 1917 and accomplished in the year 1952. Not only spiritual folks but also architecture fans are not left untouched from its magical spark and make their way to the superior museum in multitude for availing a marvelous sight of the English Gothic construction. Gorgeous stone walls, stained glass windows and arches depict its interiors' exquisiteness and elegance. Moreover, this is the very place where you can experience tranquility and calmness, so if this all pull towards you, don't miss the golden opportunity of exploring the iconic city. It's abode of a primary school in addition to kindergarten as well.
Uruhu Gardens
This garden is a much traveled and acclaimed park of the city and apart from being an arresting site for recreation aimed at residents and tourists alike, it houses freedom fighters' memorial tombs too that adds to its reputation largely. One more point which makes it a significant magnet is that the country's first independence ceremony had been conducted at the very place. Visitors can see an enormously high monument of more than 20m which is a sign of this nation's great effort for freedom. Here you will also find an eye-catching and dazzling musical fountain accompanied by a viewing platform that offers picturesque vistas. There are lots of things in this park which rank it as one of the must explore attractions of the city.

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