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If you have a provisional license, you can once again be allowed

Posted by: 2013-09-01

If you have a provisional license, you can once again be allowed not to drive in France. If you also take less than two years, you have to speed limits can be found on highways and freeways always ways to weather.
For example, keep motorways the speed limit of 130 km per hour, but in poor condition, that reduced to 110km per hour. An expressway is at 110 km / h but reduced to 90 km / h again, this also applies to other roads, such as peripheral to Paris and some highways.
In addition, during the trip, you must make sure that you. The right documents with you at all times This means for every person traveling you need a valid passport, as well as the implementation of a EHIC. Like most places you have pets try to visit while on vacation in Paris or elsewhere in France require to be your pet, with all his injections date, but also produce a rabies vaccination, but they also need their own passport.
For the car you have to pay the V5 logbook, the TÜV certificate if necessary, and a valid certificate of your car insurance, although it can be noted that sometimes car insurance does not always cover travel in Europe at first, and it is always best to review and, if necessary, update your coverage.
If you are from the UK, you must ensure that you either have a GB sticker, or if you are from another foreign country, a sticker with your country's letters when. Already not on your license plate
Even if you are from the UK or a right hand drive vehicle, you need to place kickers on your lights so that they point in the right direction when driving on the other side of the road, and to ensure that they do not dazzle other drivers .
Among those there are other things that you must keep in your car, which is required by law when driving on French roads.