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Museum of medical torture in Prague

Posted by: 2013-09-11

Museum of medical torture in Prague - this museum is ideal for those who know the historical way of punishing people who have done something wrong the government and love. Visitors to this museum will receive the 45 minutes, the chance to work with the 60 tools used are introduced in the torture with full details, like the plague the instrument while working and the next event happened to the person of the instrument of torture. At the cost of $ 12, you will learn a lot of this amusing and unusual Museum of Prague.
Museum of Bad Art in Boston - this is the home that terrible painting graphics. Well, at least if you know nothing about art, you can now see the difference between a good and a bad work of art. It is certain that those who are not knowledgeable with the painting definitely still find it beautiful and artistic. You might think why there is a museum of bad art. Founder Scott Wilson apparently has a good taste for everything stinks why a museum of the moment of terrible "Lucy in the Field with Flowers" painting is by an unknown author, he has appeared with the painting was the masterpiece of thought. If you love images, is the visit to the Museum of Bad Art you can enjoy over 400 works without admission.
The Three Of Sex Musuem in Amsterdam, Paris and Iceland - In view of the red lights of Paris, see Paris The Musee de l'Eroticism, which is located in a seven-storey building in Quartier Pigalle. The sex museum is famous for its numerous sex shops and the cabaret Moulin Rouge can be seen at this point. You will also see various erotic products in this place, including those from South Africa and Asia. See all of these erotic items will only cost you $ 12 for entrance. In Amsterdam, on the other hand, you can visit the museum in Amsterdam and the Temple of Venus in various paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and unusual erotic toys presented. You will definitely find it ticking and exciting. See these products at $ 5. In Iceland, get the chance to visit the Museum of Phallology, which is located in a small town called Husavik.