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This concrete speck in the North Sea Is a country

Posted by: 2013-08-06

It has currency , stamps, a national anthem ( " E Mare Libertas " which is also its national motto , which means " from the sea , freedom " ) and even a football team . Never heard of Sealand ? This is no surprise. There is a specific point in the North Sea is about the size of two tennis courts, and it has never been recognized by any other nation on earth . But that never bothered its eccentric founder , Paddy Roy Bates .

In 1967, Bates was looking for a pirate radio station , a radio station then a strict regulation of the British airwaves with the work undisturbed . For this purpose he employed HM ​​Fort Roughs , a Royal Navy fortification that had built seven miles off the coast of Suffolk during the Second World War as a platform for anti-aircraft artillery. If maintenance personnel approached the fortress was opened in 1968 the Bates family fire with a shotgun , starting a tradition of good Sealanders under pot - shooting at passers-by.

A court found that because the fortress was outside the UK three - mile limit of territorial waters , Her Majesty's Government had no jurisdiction over the incident. This decision inspired Bates to his " nation " 's declare independence , rechristening Fort Roughs as the Principality of Sealand and crowns its first head of state , Prince Roy I.

The new nation faced its toughest international challenge in 1978 , when a German lawyer named Alexander Achenbach navy stormed the platform , son Michael Bates took hostages , and declared himself Prime Minister of Sealand. The coup failed , as Prince Roy led to retake a daring helicopter raid on his land , but Achenbach group still considers himself the rightful leaders of Sealand , and has a "government in exile " from Germany .

Sealand original government is also an absentee ballot nowadays . Prince Roy died in October last year , so the throne to his son Michael . But Prince Michael lives on the mainland, in Essex , the Principality of Sealand currently has a population of one: a caretaker lives on the platform. The nation's main source of income continue the online sale of mugs, t- shirts, and even his noble title -you and that special someone can Count and Countess of Sealand to be for only $ 320 ! But in 2012, there were Sealand started a new tourism industry to die for visitors to see one of the world's craziest micronations . Be warned , however: To come ashore to Sealand , you have to be lifted out of your boat on a winch . After a long history of invasion , the fortress has no leaders.