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Back in Delhi, we all enjoy a day of leisure to explore as we choose

Posted by: 2013-09-04

Back in Delhi, we all enjoy a day of leisure to explore as we choose! Most go shopping as prices are extravagantly low but how many Pashmina shawls do you need? For our last evening we enjoy followed a show called "Dances of India" by a farewell feast of our Last (Indian) Supper.
I remisses another trip with excellent guides, drivers, assistance and accommodations done. I remember my favorite moment of the show took place, when I set two "body guides" to help me through the crowds, Jamal and Ranshi. These two 11-year-old boy, bound to me like barnacles and their beaming smiling faces will always remain etched in my memory of India. This trip was my curiosity of the world reminded me again that my love of travel proliferates itself renewed. I want to see the more I see, the more.
This country is for the experienced traveler. I am very impressed with the steadfastness and patience of my group of 60 people in a land of erratic infrastructure. For some it was their first visit to the Third World, but they all persevered like pros. To witness suffering first hand is the most powerful way to appreciate home. We saw things both appalling and joyful. The word "fascinating" but would be the entire trip. I must return.
Drive through France can be a fantastic experience that you can never be forgotten, and as always the rules and regulations may be different from country to country, which is where we have a little list to help on the right side of the law and help you stick together for sure!
Obviously, the passengers have to wear seat belts, but one in France, unlike in some countries, children are under the age of 10 years are allowed to sit in the passenger seat at all.
Another reason is even if you acquired your driver's license before you are in another country 18, you are still not able to drive in France, until you are 18, as the law prohibits it. Also, you must always carry your driving license with.