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Ten of the world’s best off-season adventures

Posted by: 2013-09-05

Botswana safari is not a cheap option - many of its luxury lodges cost up to $ 1000 per person per night. Gulp . But travelers willing to endure the odd downpour can nab a bargain when the tourist hordes headed home . November to April is euphemistically called " green season " - rain is frequent and the resulting dense vegetation make wildlife more difficult to detect -
but it is also , when lodges offer significant discounts and landscapes are at their most lush and attracts countless birds. Many animals give birth at this time of year , and a good tour guide will take you on many healthy babies - . Well as the predators lurking inevitably close , looking for a simple lunch Jump to: Malaria is found in parts of Botswana, including the Okavango Delta and Moremi and Chobe National Park - prophylaxis should be taken.
Winter Wolf - tracking , Yellowstone National Park, USA

During the summer, more than three million people piled in Yellowstone National Park, only 140,000 visit in the winter. Sure, some of the roads around December to March fizzle ranger -led activities and temperatures plunge to -20 ° C. But the pros are many: Not only are the highlights blissfully tourist- free, but the game viewing is excellent. Resident species such as elk , bison and bighorn sheep wintering at lower elevations and draw a mile off the ice - camouflaged country. Plus you can gain a natural leader to tramp through the glittering landscape , for the traces of the volatile gray wolf , clearly visible in the pristine snow. Jump to: cross-country trails are maintained in the Old Faithful , Mammoth , Canyon and Tower areas , half-day ski packages cost $ 15th See / scream.
Monsoon Trekking , Western Ghats, India

Mumbai during the monsoon ? You must be crazy! Granted, this is the Indian city of not much fun from June to September when heavy rains flood roads and breed disease . But venture 100km inland to the Sahyadri mountains and you have the ideal playground for bad weather . These hills - part of the larger Western Ghats - come to life. Rivers and waterfalls season in full swing (ideal for rappelling and rafting ), while the landscape lights neon green . In addition, the rains keep temperatures cool for walks that take in old paths , castle ruins and deserted host families. Jump to: Malshej Ghat ( 154km from Mumbai ) is a popular choice for hikers ; migratory flamingos flock here during the monsoon.