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What makes a terrible airport

Posted by: 2013-08-20

Even a casual observer with no idea of what it's like planning , construction and operation of an airport, immediately burst from a list of airport glaring deficiencies and ways to improve the experience. I know because I just asked this question in social media and rarely have I been inundated by such a flood of fuming replies .

Alas, it seems to me that if airports designed , architects have a short list of priorities : need space for aircraft, the huge parking, leave room for shopping, throw in a useless design element to impress other architects , and maybe sprinkle in questionable art exhibits. Other considerations which properly listed below are obviously an afterthought , with certain unnamed airports that almost all fail bingo card.

Difficult or expensive to access

The enormous space sometimes means airports must be built way out of town. We can not blame them for that. However, in these cases, the burden of proof to the airport to arrange easy and affordable access for passengers, not punish them with a winding 1.5 hour drive that costs U.S. $ 25, with a shamelessly profiteering 40-minute U.S. $ 50 ' express ' service. If you have always done just screwed up your airport laborious and expensive than the bus to any destination within 500 miles, you have .
Multiple layers of security

Not knowing that one has to endure , especially for intermediate stops two ( or more ) security lines , has led to about 27,697,173 people who missed their flights in the last ten years, according to data that I just made up . But seriously, can redundant security , often slow and poorly staffed , the biggest shortcoming airport and completely avoidable crisis creator in commercial aviation to be. In addition , that prevent security check just before the gate that people from the contribution of overpriced food and drinks it is bought in the terminal to board a total jerk move .

Not enough outlets

Even airports that consider themselves major hubs are guilty of this . Moreover, if an airport is prone to frequent delays and canceled flights [ cough - cough Newark ] , there really should be , like, a wall of outlets . On each wall . Every airport that wants to be taken seriously, should accommodate the fact that modern travelers , two, three or more electronic devices worn on each trip and these things need to be fed.