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Soho Properties is a leading Bangkok property

Posted by: 2013-08-19

Soho Properties is a leading Bangkok property real estate agent and location specialist, offering a first class service for all your needs related to real estate.
Management offer a wealth of experience in Bangkok property sales and management, having previously worked for leading international real estate agencies in Europe and Asia.
We are proud in their search for the ideal property to meet your needs, and provide a high-level follow-up services to all current requirements.
Having sole agency status on a wide range of commercial real estate and residential properties in Bangkok and throughout Thailand is, we offer our potential clients a more comprehensive selection of properties.
We are not only specialized in the sale, rental, location of property and land, we also offer an outstanding individual and corporate rental management service.
A complete service, from the purchase and sale through to finding you a suitable tenant. We may also the interior construction and modernization and ongoing property maintenance. Also monitoring developments and trends following markets we are ideally placed to advise you.
CORPORATE SERVICES Soho Properties also offers residential facilities management and corporate leasing charge. To find out how we benefit your business, our business proposal document upload in Word format.
BANGKOK PROPERTY FORUM Soho Properties has a property forum to put article about Bangkok property release with the help of WordPress. We hope to make it as comprehensive as possible to a resource that integrates information not only from our own site, but from other reputable sources. The forum covers everythig real estate trends, property management, home loans, investment opportunities, events, hotel reservations and more.
Each information source we find that will be included in the database with property issues and we welcome all of our readers information to improve the value of the property Bangkok forum.
To navigate the forum, simply choose the category that interests you from the drop-down box on the right window and press GO. You'll find many articles relating to condominiums, apartments and town houses, both for sale and rent in Bangkok.