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Gallery art style along the walls is on the ground

Posted by: 2013-08-21

Gallery art style along the walls is on the ground, there is also a visitor center with a permanent exhibition of 185 photographs of Paris displayed archived. Not to mention the interactive panels, where you have some of the most famous landmarks in Paris that you see while looking on them can can learn more.
In addition, it also provide interactive quiz and markers in different languages, the details and more about the various tourist attractions in Paris and places that you can visit, even on the bridges over the Seine river and other more famous monuments.
If you want to go a few steps higher, you can use the stairs to the 59th Floor, where it is a look around on the outside platform, so you can see perfectly on a beautiful day around Paris with an incredible view, what is the highest platform in Paris.
Back to the 56th Floor is a gift shop where you can find and buy many books, memorabilia and much more while you are on vacation in Paris. Or if you eat for a quick bite, you may want to visit the café in Paris, to relax the so-called 360 Cafe, where they serve all kinds of snacks and drinks for you.
Or if you have a quick snack you can reserve a table more than good food to some French cuisine in Paris Ciel de Paris Tour Montparnasse enjoy enjoy. This restaurant in Paris is the highest restaurant in Europe that supplies gourmet French cuisine and stunning panoramic views you can enjoy your meal even more, especially in the evenings when the city is lit up with amazing lights.
Also, while the tower there are different orientation tables so that you can find and see different sights in Paris, no matter where you are, as in the west of the Eiffel Tower from the best 2 3 and Floor is to be seen.
In the north you will find Les Invalides, the three different museums in her and the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte offers I, or further into the future you have the Sacre Coeur Basilica, and on a good day you can even the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport the spacer.