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Cash offerings on Ganesha festival

Posted by: 2013-08-10

Cash offerings reach Rs 1 cr on the fifth day of Ganesha festival
Mumbai: On the fifth day of the ten-day Ganesha Chaturthi Festival, confirmed the organizers of a community puja pandal in Mumbai that they have already received donations of over Rs 1cr. Members of the organizing committee of the famous 'Lalbaug Ka Raja', which built 23-feet Lord Ganpati idol in Mumbai have said that this year the followers were more generous to their beloved Lord. "We have only done a rough count of the donations, it is not yet complete. So far we have received donations over a million rupees and the counting is still on, "said Dilip Joshi, a member of Lalbaug Ka Raja community Puja Pandal Committee., The members said that they usually count begins after the end of the festival but this time they have made the decision early on to start the process so that made save spoiled banknotes before. "To save the currency notes from damage when it is mixed with flowers and sweet donations, we have the counting began on the second day itself, "Joshi added. At the end of the 10-day festival, the idol of Lord Ganesha would be taken in large processions and immersed in the water. Ganesh Chaturthi, the most important festival in Maharashtra is also with religious fervor in other states such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu celebrated.