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Best birding in highlands and islands

Posted by: 2013-08-26

Prepare for some encounters of the bird kind with our field guide to find ( feathered ) friends in far away places. This article is adapted from Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Adventures.

Greater Bird-of -paradise , Indonesia

Directions to the remote landscapes in which these magnificent birds live almost as exciting as actually find the bird . The direction is usually up : up -river , up and peering above the rainforest. Villagers from the local trees dance , the men know morning and evening places where groups of teeth prance , strut their stuff before the females . Birds , that is, although it's probably a place where local boys and girls to do the same . As you are probably going to stop in a village , you can even get the chance to join them . Jump to: Wasur National Park near Merauke , the easternmost city in Indonesia , is a good place to start birding. If you do not speak Indonesian, you take a point-and - ask Bildwörterbuch .

Warbler Line Islands , Kiritimati (Christmas Island ) , Pacific Ocean , Kiribati

This admittedly undistinguished warbler is the only native bird on Kiritimati , the world's largest coral atoll . But it is endemic in only two small islands in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and is a remarkable bird watching tick off the bucket - list. Living colonies of seabirds - frigate birds , terns and boobies in their thousands - make many other feathered action. The birds ' presence is a victory over insulation and Geography, and your presence will feel like a victory . The flight plan is quaint and most locals travel by sea , the occasional yachtie makes landfall . Jump to : Refer to Air Pacific for the latest flight information. If you are time rich and cash poor , rarely ask boat to and from Tarawa.

Noisy Scrub -bird , Western Australia

As you would expect from the name, you are likely to hear this bird before you see it. If you see it , that is. The call is unmistakable , and if you never heard of it , for a beautiful and extremely deafening voice, hear from the thick heather scrub and you'll know you . Come to the right place But this bird is sneaky and camera - shy. One of the most sought-after endemic bird species in Australia , you need to be quick to see it dashing , road- runner style , through the gaps between the islands of bush along a trail of tiny isolated south coast of Western Australia . Jump to: Cheyne Beach Caravan Park has the information about the latest sightings , ask at the reception for the bird - file behind the desk.