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From 7.00 clock bis 11.00 clock, you can have a wonderful evening with a meal

Posted by: 2013-09-20

From 7.00 clock bis 11.00 clock, you can have a wonderful evening with a meal, which play an orchestra and dancers on stage is while you eat before 21.00 clock, where the lights dim ready for the show, which in itself one of the most popular places has entertainment in Paris.
They provide two different options for dinner to have with a fixed menu and a slight increase in the cost of an option between classes, which is a three-course meal with half a bottle of champagne or whine.
Some of the French cuisine varies from smoked salmon, wasabi, green cabbage with roasted pumpkin and grapes, roast duckling filet and dessert of hazelnut éclairs followed with caramel shards. Although if you want to go for an extravagant selection and menus for a bit more, you can take a look at options such as lobster broth with tarragon and cream, the next with veal roast, mashed Vitelotte, spinach and crispy potato chips, then for dessert You can use the specialty of the house.
Although, if you want, pass serving Premier service, which you can take out a personal wardrobe and receive a free appetizer at the bar or a table of the more perfect night at the Lido. As well as having one of the best tables in the cabaret in Paris to enjoy the show with the best views, but that's not all, you can also privileged service, water, coffee and champagne, a program and a wonderful five course meal.
Although another option at this tourist sights in Paris is on a Tuesday or Sunday to eat a visit to the Lido for lunch to take advantage of the Revue, which starts at 13:00 instead of a show at 15:00.
Of course, if you without a meal that you choose to watch the show and enjoy the atmosphere with one of champagne and program can visit, or if you prefer, just have a drink or anything want the cabaret, the more suitable for the budget conscious.