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Dreaming sailing holidays

Posted by: 2013-09-22

Whenever the job makes me nervous I close my eyes and I dream blue lacy coastline, which Greece is famous, sandy beaches with lots of trees, secluded beaches in the shade of large rocks, caves, like that which was hidden underwater "Papanikolis' in second World War, lush islands in the Ionian and Aegean Sea or the magnificent Cyclades islands.Sometimes, in my dreams, I had and other images from other countries, from other archipelagos, such as the Azores, the Canary islands, Magiorgka, Madagascar, the Dalmatian coast that so resemble the Ionian islands ... .

I was Dreaming places I had visited and places I saw a documentary, in newspapers and on the internet and I was relaxing.

Always wanted to explore places and seas. To explore parts wich I saw when I was traveling with ship or my car - to my destination - and admired from afar.

I knew that the best exploration, in such cases, namely the islands is by sea and envied all those who could treat themselves to the luxury of a vessel which had the potential to reach the coast for a while, discovering new worlds in the bottom and taste fresh fish.

I thought the cost was high for my pocket. Until I discovered that we can live the vacation of our dreams, like Croesus, without necessarily being Croesus. With just 25 euros per person each day!

As I discovered can live like our dreams everywhere, not only in my country. In whatever part of the earth if we are, in whatever part of the earth if we want to go the IncrediBlue is there.

What If we know nothing of boat handling. If we are dreaming holidays with our boat with another quite driver and ourselves to enjoy our party, a beer, a wine or ... a champagne, there is a solution. I discovered that we can provide a skipper, the staff captain to take us where we want. The cost, also, in not high.

So I decided. With my friends rented a boat and we did our dream act. We chose the Sporades islands (Skiathos, Alonissos, Skopelos, Skyros).

I had already visited three times these islands and I can say that I knew several places and beaches, but to approach them by boat was revelation! As revelation was the many beaches which never had before to reach by car. The most important, for me, is that this holiday was relaxing. Not only was the fresh sea air, good company or fresh fish but it was and the unprecedented experience of exploration.

I saw and explored many beautiful places without having to change hotels to collect suitcases and running to catch the ferry line.

The most important: in the end of our vacation we realized that we spent less than in previous years, that closes rooms in hotels, pay fare for a car and for us to go with the boat line.

So I made the dream a reality.

Since then, whenever I get tired or anxious at work, I visit the incrediblue site and plan my next trip.

So simple, so cheap.

If you wonder how, have a look: