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Qantas plane grounded — engine failure Cheap Air Tickets

Posted by: 2013-08-08

London: Within hours after the resumption of Qantas services QF1 his that had to London from Sydney, was canceled after a loud noise came from the engine while the aircraft towards the runway was. The flight, which is expected to start at 18.05 clock on Saturday was, was grounded and Qantas was forced to postpone the flight until at 9.00 clock on Sunday. The passengers were immediately off the plane, because the damage to the engine pulled, quoted a Qantas spokesman. "The plane was rolling to the runway and the pilot had an indication of a problem with one of the engines, and following procedures it back to the bay," he added. One passenger said that after sitting in the plane for 45 minutes, they were taken off the plane. "We were on the tarmac and then the captain said that it was a mechanical problem, he said, it was a failure in the power supply, and that every time they tried to start the engine to cut it sat for out.we 45 minutes and then they took us off the plane, "he added. Yesterday, the first Qantas A380 passenger flight took off from Sydney airport. Qantas six A380s for more than three weeks after the incident ground. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, who was on board yesterday's flight to London via Singapore, said that all security checks have been completed. "It's great that we introduce the plane again. We are 100 percent satisfied with the operation of the aircraft," Joyce said before boarding the plane. Earlier this month, the engine of the A380 dramatically exploded in the air over the middle of the Indonesian island of Batam near Singapore and had to return to Singapore Changi Airport. Qantas Airways was then grounded its entire Airbus A380 fleet.