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Elemental Iceland

Posted by: 2013-09-09


Feel the planet untamed energy in the westernmost island in Europe

I went to a deserted island for work. Not the palm trees and sandy beach - sort of island , mind you. My company sent me to Iceland , the icy piece of rock sticking out of the North Atlantic Ocean , just below the Arctic Circle. In the middle of November. I froze completely natural . But I also swam in a hot turquoise lagoon , just outside of Reykjavik. And this is what I found so fascinating about Iceland : over there, water comes either as icebergs or scalding steam. Really, I had arrived in the country where ice meets fire .

Because of Iceland's position on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge , the blood of the earth cooks up through his ground in the form of numerous volcanoes and hot springs. At the other extreme are glaciers and ice fields , a large part of the Icelandic countryside . I came unprepared ice climbing or other Viking feat requires endurance, but was still able to explore some of the nation's more accessible natural wonders .

In Reykjavik , booked my friend Marta and I take a trip as a " horse and hot springs ." The tour took us into the Icelandic countryside - where the scrubby , treeless expanses surrounding Reykjavik with the same word that you could use for the rolling English meadows can be described . ( . Indeed, the lava fields of Iceland are so desolate that NASA astronauts have moon landings practiced there) at the riding center , we moved fleece lined overalls with reflective stripes - the top of our double layer of clothing , coats , scarves, gloves -plus a helmet on our hats. " We look at how obese Space Invaders ! " Screamed Marta.

Then waddled out into the wind, which drove the thermometer at 18 degrees (Celsius ) below zero. Our horses were sturdy little brackets. They carried us through a flattish , tundra landscape , completely devoid of trees, his brown monotony here and there with a dash of snow interrupted .

No matter how much I buried my hands in bushy mane of the horse , I could not get my fingers warm enough to feel it . My horse felt that I was a bad driver and took glee in return everyone else, despite my attempts before they prod. A few mind-numbing hours later we returned to the cozy warmth of the Center, dismounted and peeled off the layers.

A bus then took us through snow -flecked plains in the geyser area from which the English word geyser is derived . Skewness in the biting wind , we made our way through a moon-like , pockmarked field , past a bubbling mud pool to Strokkur . How Old Faithful in the United States, the spring for the predictability of the eruptions is known - every ten minutes.

When we arrived , the crater , which was the size of a small hot tub , steam was easy , like a kettle boiling. Sure enough, a few minutes later , Strokkur violently spat a ten -meter-high cloud of thick white steam that blew across the field. After a few seconds , the geyser spurted other , as if on the second attack of vomiting fit. We clapped and cheered. Pretty soon the freezing wind drove us back to the bus , and we left the next place , Gullfoss waterfall .

Here, too, brought the Arctic wind tears to my eyes as we stumbled and slipped on the icy path to the edge of the cliff overlookingGulfoss . The " Golden Falls " crashed a double cascade into a deep gorge. The water frothed and foamed , with a hint of pink by the setting sun. The spray rising from the falls was at arm's length stalactites hanging from the hand ropes along the footpath solidified. After staring straight enough and photo - Grab we once again retreated to the heat of the bus.

Our last visit was set to the Blue Lagoon , a natural geothermal pool in the middle of a barren lava field . Shivering from the walk from the dressing rooms and the pool in our bathing suits , we carefully lowered ourselves into the hot, milky blue water. The pool was instantly relaxed .

As we in the chest - waded deep water, we could feel the whirl of hot , almost boiling bags, where the mineral water from the ground sprang . Marta and I caked our faces in silicate mud dredged from the bottom - " good to our skin soft," we cried . After so much freezing cold gone that day, we decided we deserved a massage at the Blue Lagoon spa. All in all , Iceland was an otherworldly experience , one where the powers of the earth really be felt.