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Obviously, as you can imagine this building is very large

Posted by: 2013-09-25

Obviously, as you can imagine this building is very large, but even so it can not display all the works at once as there are various exhibitions throughout the year. Devoted to another part of the museum on level 4 of contemporary art and modern art section, a level found at level 5th
This tourist attraction has an unusual design as we mentioned it as the building is known from the inside out, and it makes the construction of the Centre Pompidou quite unique because with all trunking system, escalators, etc. on the outside. But next to the museum and library, there are also two cinemas at the Centre Pompidou, where one is on the 1st Floor and the other is in the basement, where you go and found a movie of your choice.
There is also a children's area for children aged twelve and below, as the gallery of Enfents where workshops are announced. And on the 13/16 studio. Specifically for young people with interactive workshops, and it's free
In other areas in the vicinity you will find other sections including a graphic design studio, graphic galleries and other sections devoted to media and film as well as a bookstore, café and much more.
Centre Georges Pompidou, also has a lounge and visitor information for the various areas of the Musee d'Art Moderne, which usually translates into the Museum of Modern Art, as well as terraces on the 5th Floor, not to mention the restaurant called Le Georges in the 6th Stock proving fantastic view of Paris.
The center is open daily except Tuesdays and on 1 May It opens from 11.00 clock clock by up to 10, even though it opened on a Thursday remained an hour longer for exhibitions in the 6th Floor.