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The idea of ​​a radar detector fitted to your vehicle is illegal

Posted by: 2013-09-01

The idea of ​​a radar detector fitted to your vehicle is illegal, because the French government to publish information where speed cameras are located. This includes any Navis, who turned the ability and if it found with, it can give you an undesirable order, and if you pay you can not confiscated your car!
In bad weather, including rain, fog and similar circumstances when going through a tunnel or when towing even if it later in the day, it is obligatory to turn on the lights. Although when on the highway you will find that it common practice for other rapidly flashing their lights when they come up quickly so do not be worried, as it usually is a way to tell them to be warned.
Lower than you will find the alcohol limit while in France in the UK for a comparison, the ever supported the idea of ​​not drinking and driving, and it is much more possible than the penalties for those found over the limit while allowing behind the wheel very be strict, and the police can do random spot checks.
If you drive in France, if you are the first person on the scene of any type of accident then you are required to stop and give assistance, who can get into trouble, it was his first aid or putting out were small fire . It is also required that you call the police or standard emergency number which can in turn notify the ambulance or fire services if necessary.
If you are the unfortunate luck of ever break while driving through France, you will need to have a warning triangle on the road at least 30 feet from the car, and another place when possible.
Although, if you break it on a highway and need a tow truck, you must contact the police, as no breakdown service vehicle is any kind of motorways won without police force first.
But when you drive through France to want to see some of the fantastic sights or the countryside, you can take precautions to ensure that there is an easy, safe and enjoyable trip.
Finally, it would be wise to add that the information may change at any time, so it is always best to check on before a holiday abroad so that you are able to enjoy your time away to its fullest.