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The Palais Garnier

Posted by: 2013-09-19

The Palais Garnier was built in 1875 on 5 January after taking a full 15 years used. Today, it is now known by different names from the Opera National de Paris, Palais Garnier and finally, Opera Garnier. Today, the focus is ballet as other operas are performed in the recent Paris Opera, the Opera Bastille.
The Opera Garnier was renovated in 2000, so that the main facade impressive to see, as if out of the 19 Century was back with its many rich colors and golden statue work.
But one of the most popular features of this tourist attraction, the Grand Staircase, which was in different colors of marble and has two bronze statues on its soil, and if you can look up four different sections to see the beautiful painted ceiling.
The staircase is an impressive 30 meters and leads to various fields such as the different levels of the auditorium, the foyers and the Rotonde de l'Empereur, a library inside and the Musée de l'Opera museum. But because the Palais Garnier was never completed before the empire fell and Napoleon died you can still find the Rotonde de l'Empereur was never completed and you can see the dressed stone blocks that are original from the 1870s!
In addition, you also have the great and amazingly decorated lobbies that run the audience in performance during breaks and the vault of the avant foyer is amazing on gold ground covered with numerous mosaics that bring bright colors to give, not to mention the view of the Grand Staircase either.
Charles Garnier should look for the Grand Foyer of the gallery as a typical classical castle, which makes this highly impressive sights in Paris with a great big foyer area of ​​18 meters, 54 meters long and 13 meters wide. Besides being restored completely done with its amazing ceiling windows and mirrors and colors of artist Paul Jacques Aime Baudry in 2004, it created a very unique and impressive atmosphere.
Also, there is a sculpture by Carpeaux made bust of Charles Garnier, which is facing the center of the lobby of one of the windows, the Avenue de l'Op ra and the incredible Musee du Louvre museum.
A room of Salon du Glacier, has a very 1900s feel to it. Having a remarkable ceiling paintings by Georges Jules Victor Clairin and tapestries, various beverages such as tea, coffee by hunting and fishing
The theater auditorium itself or, if you prefer, is enormous decorated with red and gold tones in a typical Italian style horseshoe shape. With over 1,900 red velvet seats and illuminated by an incredible chandelier, which weighs 8 tons!
The stage is an amazing size, high with a total of 60 meters, 15 meters below the stage area, and a 45-meter tower includes fly!