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The guardhouse that was built at a similar time in the Hall of Men

Posted by: 2013-08-30

The guardhouse that was built at a similar time in the Hall of Men at Arms and sit back during the reign of terror used as an anteroom to the Grand Chamber, where the Revolutionary Tribunal and Robespierre were. Although, unfortunately, the Grand Chamber has since fallen and are no longer available, but the guard room is still there with its razor stone columns.
The kitchen outbuilding that was known, was built in the reign of King John II, who was also called John the Good, was used by all the kings of staff, with food that comes from the boats on the Seine river. But again it is only the lower floors that remain.
In 1600 there was a fire in the prison, and again in 1776 there was another, but more severe fire, where King Louis XVI modernized the jail, which was also the same prison that are used by many famous people during the reside French Revolution, before facing the guillotine.
Today, you can now see reconstructions of concierge offices in which no prisoners were registered name, as well as seeing the grooming room where all the prisoners were from their possession before he made executed.
And on the upper floor of this historic monument is a list of all the prisoners that were held here at La Conciergerie, and always to see to different cells in the course of five centuries of life in prison.
Most people have heard of Marie Antionette, and where their prison cell once stood there is now a chapel, but not only that you also the reconstructed cell, where it took place, constantly by two gendarmes guarding the prison before the execution of the Place de Concorde, which is one of the most famous places in Paris.