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Light & Land Workshops

Posted by: 2013-08-05

Light & Land has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the National Trust and right after countless one day photography workshops in a few of the Trust's great properties in the south of England, Light & Land is happy to announce further one day workshops in lots of their properties through the entire UK.

It is no surprise precisely why we deemed the National Trust to be the most remarkable hosts for one-day photography workshops giving Light & Land excellent modern study centers that are also filled with different classes of tasty meals along with refreshing drinks.

Previously, the National Trust obtained a presentation from Charlie in order to secure an approval and welcome the Light & Land photographers, and due to this, we are happily welcomed and recognized by them. We are encouraged and very proud about the approval of National Trust that allows us to perform workshops in as many of their properties as we can.

The great benefit of working with the Trust in their amazing properties is certainly to be seen in the truth that the gardens and architecture collectively offer terrific potential for photographers without long hikes and tough hill climbs.

In addition to that, painters and photographers can relate and utilize the awesome elements seen in the property of the National Trust. From Remarkable lakes surrounded by splendid mature trees together with flowers and of course flowering shrubs which offer a lot of chance to the imaginative photographer. Water always features strongly in a lot of their spots and all photographers adore photographing water.

National Trust offers a series of great workshops with superb platforms in order for interested people to how Light & Land does things for some wide ranging tours and workshops. One of the things you can find in Light & Land is wonderful landscapes in the whole world.

We always begin our workshops with an overview of the schedule that outlines the happenings, along with all of the important things that photographers ought to do. It is certainly hard to bring out a few elements in order to make a great composition or perhaps quite technical and nerve-racking; thus it is important to have discussions devoted for it.

Newbie and semi advanced photographers are welcome to attend photographers workshop in different schedules than that of photographers who are more advanced in their experience and expertise. You can be sure that there will always be a Light & Land leader to help you throughout the workshop. If photographers have brought photos with them, there is often a constructive and fun image critique session at the end of the day.

So as to expand your interest in photography and also find out how camera works is the primary purpose of our photography workshop which is partnered with the National.

Light & Land and the National Trust are both anticipating in welcoming you whenever you decided to join us on our best properties and landscapes in the UK.

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