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In the morning she woke up and found they couldnot move

Posted by: 2013-09-10

In the morning she woke up and found they couldnot move. She was wrapped in a large fishing net and found some laughing children they moved along the shingle. "We have a mermaid, a witch of the sea caught!" She cried.
The mermaid was shocked and scared. She knew she would die if she did not in the sea. She began to cry. The kids did not notice and continued to pull it together. One by one, the mermaids shed began to dry and fall like petals on the sand. He left behind a trail of emerald jewels that glistened in the sun.The finally tired children of their game and put them in an inland pool. They ran off to tell each of their catch. So there she was hurt and alone so far from home. She looked up and saw only gray sky.
Out in the ocean a passing blue dolphin she heard crying. He knew, was a daughter of the sea to die. It came from the sea and walked on the earth. Thus the dolphins. But they had, so they returned food and shelter in the ocean. But the Dolphins had the gift of transformation and could be back into humans.
So the blue dolphin swam to shore and turned into a large and handsome man He followed the trail of green tears, until he found the mermaid. He cut her free, carried her to the water's edge, then gently lowered into the water. He turned back into a dolphin again and took them out to sea. His love and kindness helped her to recover and she swam in the blue Caribbean.
Now they frolic in the sun and play. It is said that sometimes on a sunny day you can hear her laugh over the sea.