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Already expected this month bushfires in Victoria

Posted by: 2013-09-14

Already expected this month bushfires in Victoria as Australia's largest national disaster, both in terms of human costs and likely damage. Nearly 200 people have lost their lives, more than 500 were injured, and the toll will rise, perhaps dramatically if all affected areas are surveyed. Victoria Premier John Brumby yesterday warned that dozens of bodies not remain unidentified, and that the others remain unrecovered.
There were many inspiring stories of survival and heroism in the face of the advancing flames. Nevertheless, there are fears among Australians also ugly. It is believed that at least some of the fires were started deliberately, Victoria State Police have the aptly named Operation Phoenix started to bring arsonists to justice. There are also claims of chaotic scenes when at least one hotel closed its doors to desperate refugees.
But stories of generosity and help which the vast majority of the cruelty and meanness. Firefighters and members of other emergency services, by all accounts, worked exemplary and far beyond any call of duty. Within hours of losing everything they possessed, were destitute Australians stoically vowed to pick up and rebuild. And it sounded as if she meant it.
Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, also showed something unusual and valuable in a national leader: real emotion and humanity in the face of individual and collective tragedy. His government also showed a humility rarely caught by officials of the disaster.
Rather than that established disaster plans were untouchable and that any error was with individuals, announced that it will. Immediate review of the advice that people stay to defend their homes She acknowledged that the ferocity of these fires had spelled death for some of those who had followed these instructions.
Australia's geography, and the planet's changing climate, mean that extreme drought and forest fires, which are a consequence of the country are likely to increasingly plague in the coming years. Judging by last week, Australia is better equipped than most to deal with.
Nearly 200 people
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